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Thomas Del Prete

Teacher Rounds and Collaborative Learning

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Teacher Rounds: A Guide to Collaborative Learning In and From Practice

Paperback, 184 pages
Published by Corwin
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Medical rounds are a staple in teaching hospitals. Could a similar model enhance the professional learning of teachers? Tom Del Prete, author of Teacher Rounds: A Guide to Collaborative Learning In and From Practice, joins us to explain what teacher rounds are and discuss the benefits they can provide to support collaborative teacher learning as a reflective and inquiring process that enables the participants to better understand and develop their own teaching practice in an actual classroom.

Tom Del Prete

Thomas Del Prete is the inaugural Director of the Adam Institute for Urban Teaching and School Practice at Clark University in Worcester, MA. He is past Director of the Hiatt Center for Urban Education at Clark and a former teacher of history and English at the middle and high school levels. He has worked for twenty-five years in teacher education, school-university partnership, and school reform. His previous books include Improving the Odds: Developing Powerful Teaching Practice and a Culture of Learning in Urban High Schools and Thomas Merton and the Education of the Whole Person. He has participated in hundreds of Teacher Rounds, most with his colleagues in the urban schools of “Main South” in Worcester, MA, in an effort to learn in and from practice.

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